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Product Application Directions Booklet 1- PADB
Table of Contents – Product Application Directions Booklet 1-PAD
Planning Overview of a Custom Painting Project 1-PO
Planning Steps for a Custom Painting Project 1-PS
Required Environment & Materials for a Custom Painting Project 1-REM
Estimated Product Usage Based on Object Size 1-EPU
Project Preparation Directions 2-PPD
Primer Coat Application Directions
(Includes Product Numbers: 01-100,  01-200,  01-300)
All Basecoats & Candee Mid-Coat & Jammin’ Coat Application Directions
(Includes Colour Series/ Product Pre-Fix Numbers:  08, 76, 77, 79, 21, 14, 20, 05, 24, 07 and Product Number 08-100)
Protective/ Bonding/ & Jammin’ Coat Application Directions
(Includes Graphic/Artwork Application Directions)
(Product Number 34-200)
Sun Bloct Final Cleer Coat Application Directions
(Product Number 32-100)  &
Production Cleer Coat Application Directions
(Product Number 32-200)


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[1]   This is a multi-function product, also used as a Protective/ Bonding/ Jammin’ Cleer
(C) Requires urethane Catalyst product number 40-100.
[2]   This is a multi-function product, also used as or Jammin’ Untinted Neutral Base.