Section C – Product Lines

Sparklee Silver Metallic Basecoat [1]
(Concentrated Silver Metallic Basecoat)

See Important Footnote
(Concentrates Used in Neutral Bases)
Generally Not Sold to End Users
Toners 28-Series
Tint Pastes 29-Series
DRY PEARLS (Used in Neutral Bases)
Pearls (Dry) 75-Series
Misty Pearls (Dry) 72-Series
Mirage Pearls (Dry) 70-Series
White Epoxee Primer Catalyst (Part B) 01-101
Black Epoxee Primer (Part A) 01-200
Black Epoxee Primer Catalyst (Part B) 01-201
Tintable Epoxee Primer (Part A) 01-300
Tintable Epoxee Primer Catalyst  (Part B) 01-301
Fast Reducer 50-111
Medium Reducer 50-222
Slow Reducer 50-333
V.OC. Exempt Reducer 50-444
Epoxee Reducer 54-100
Sun-Bloct Final Cleer [C] 32-100
Production Cleer [3] [C] 32-200
Urethane Catalyst 40-100
Protective/ Bonding/ & Jammin’ Cleer [4] 34-200
[1] This is our only Factory Pak Basecoat. This product is typically selected when a Candee Mid-Coat is going to be applied directly over a Silver Metallic Basecoat.
[2] Any Epoxee Primer (Part A), requires the corresponding Epoxee Primer Catalyst (Part B).
[C] Requires Urethane Catalyst, product 40-100.
[3] This is a multi-function product, also used as our Candee Mid-Coat Untinted Neutral Base with the same product number.
[4] This is a multi-function product, also used as our Jammin’ Untinted Neutral Base with the same product number.


BASECOAT (Factory Pak)

Sparklee Silver Metallic Basecoat – 08-100

Note: Concentrated Silver Metallic Basecoat: is used when an, Untinted Silver Metallic Basecoat is chosen.

This basecoat should be selected when the basecoat will be silver metallic.  The product is concentrated with more aluminum and is typically not used as a metallic base that will be tinted or receive colour.  Sparklee Silver Metallic Basecoat is most often used when a Candee Mid-Coat will be applied directly over a Silver Metallic Basecoat.  This is the only factory pak Basecoat in the X-otic Colours Custom Paint System.


Toners – 28 and Tint Pastes – 29

The heart of the X-otic Colours Custom Paint System is our selection of high quality brilliant pigments contained in our toners and tint pastes.  These pigments have been selected for their ability to resist fading.  Resistance to fading adds to the longevity of our finishes.  Through our state of the art manufacturing process, we transform these pigments into X-otic Colours toners and tint pastes.  These toners and tint pastes are then added to our neutral base products at the point of sale to create many of our product lines or colour series of basecoats, our product line of Candee Mid-Coats, and product line of Jammin’ coats.  X-otic Colours, from worldwide sources, has been able to locate the finest raw materials and pigments to produce these products.  X-otic Colours expertise in product formulation and quality control produces better products.  These products are produced in our own facilities.  This insures consistent product quality that will meet our exacting standards.


X-otic Colours three types of dry pearl products are typically added to our Pearl Untinted Neutral Base product number 12-200 or our Imagin’ Untinted Neutral Base, product number 20-101.

The X-otic Colours three dry pearl products are noted for their clarity and iridescence.  From sources around the world, the finest pearls are obtained.  These products are screened using colorimetric quality control with tests carried out at various geometries.  The luster and iridescent effect is actually achieved by light interference and not from absorption or reflection of visible light.

Pearls (Dry) – 75

The products in this series commence with the product pre-fix number 75.  X-otic Colours product series of dry Pearls contains numerous different coloured pearls.  They are sold in 4 oz. containers.  Particle size influences the pearl luster affect and adds another dimension of beauty and quality.

Misty Pearls (Dry) – 72

The products in this series commence with the product pre-fix number 72.  The Misty Pearl series has a wide selection of different coloured dry pearls.  Misty Pearls are sold in 2 oz. containers.  Misty Pearls contain larger size particles that are primarily composed of platelets of flat mica coated with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide.  Misty Pearls give a pearl/metallic effect.

Mirage Pearls (Dry) – 70

The products in this series commence with the product pre-fix number 70.  There are currently 10 different Mirage Pearls.  Mirage Pearls are sold in 10-gram lots.  They can be resold by the gram.  Mirage Pearls give the dramatic effect of colour shifts when viewed under different angles of light refraction.

In some situations, custom painters may desire to purchase these dry pearls separately.  The user price list provides for this option.

The X-otic Colours Custom Paint System provides flexibility by allowing these products to be used in our other neutral base products.  For example, a custom painter may wish to use a dry pearl in our Metallic Untinted Neutral Base.


White Epoxee Primer Catalyst (Part B) 01-101
Black Epoxee Primer (Part A) 01-200
Black Epoxee Primer Catalyst (Part B) 01-201
Tintable Epoxee Primer (Part A) 01-300
Tintable Epoxee Primer Catalyst  (Part B) 01-301

The primers provided by X-otic Colours are an essential part of the X-otic Colours Custom Paint System.  X-otic Colours Epoxee Primers are manufactured for custom painters who want the highest levels of quality in their finished production.

The colour selection of your primer will usually depend on the predominant colour of your basecoat.  The following are suggestions. These suggestions are not a rule because of the unlimited variables in Basecoat colour selection.

When Sparklin’ Metallic Basecoats colour series pre-fix number 08-, Sparklee Silver Metallic Basecoat product number 08-100, our lighter coloured Pearl Basecoats colour series pre-fix numbers 76, 77, 79 or any of our solid coloured basecoats are selected use X-otic Colours White Epoxee Primer, product number 01-100.  When a dark colour selection has been made in one of the above categories the customer may wish to select our Black Epoxee Primer product number 01-200.  This will provide faster Basecoat coverage.  (Some custom painters use our Black Epoxee Primer or Tintable primer with Pearl Basecoats to achieve different effects.)

If you have selected one of our Mirage Pearl Basecoats product pre-fix number 14-, or one of our Mirage Imagin’ Basecoats product pre-fix number 20-, Pearl Imagin’ Basecoat product pre-fix number 21 or a very dark or black basecoat, the customer must use our black Epoxee primer product number 01-200.

Tintable Epoxee Primer product number 01-300 may be used for faster basecoat coverage and to more closely resemble the Basecoat colour. In the event of a rock chip or scratch, the damage will be less obvious using our Tintable Primer.  X-otic Colours, Inc. produces the highest quality Epoxee primers.  These high quality products are the foundation of the X-otic Colours Custom Paint System.  Additional steps in our manufacturing process contribute to the production of a superior product.

X-otic Colours 2-part Epoxee primers exceed the highest industry standards. These products are known for their outstanding performance.

X-otic Colours Epoxee Primers provide excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates including steel, aluminum, fiberglass, some plastics, and other metals.  X-otic Colours Epoxee Primers are a high solids/high build material. Our formulation maintains uniform suspension of these high concentrations of solids, thus, preventing settling and application problems.

X-otic Colours high solids evenly ground primers have superb filling capabilities.  These Epoxee Primers can easily be wet or dry sanded.  Sand scratches will not swell when top-coated.  These primers prevent bleeding.  The product is heat resistant to 400°F.  Repeated heating and cooling will not affect adhesion.  Once cured, our primers will maintain flexibility and will not shrink.  X-otic Colours Epoxee Primers resist cracks and lifting.  X-otic Colours high solids Epoxee Primers provide excellent corrosion resistance.  They have excellent “holdout” and do not require the application of sealers.  This will save the customer time.


Fast Reducer
Is most often used when shop temperatures are in the 65° to 75°F range.
Medium Reducer
Is most often used when shop temperatures are in the 75° to 85°F range.
Slow Reducer
Is most often used when shop temperatures are in the 85º to 95ºF range.
V.OC. Exempt Reducer
Is used to reduce V.O.C. emissions whenever possible and is slower than our medium reducer.
Epoxee Reducer
Is used under all shop temperatures.  It is only used in Epoxee Primers.

Our reducers are blended to provide outstanding performance when used in conjunction within the X-otic Colours Custom Paint System.  X-otic Colours Reducers are produced from premium virgin solvents.  X-otic Colours Reducers are an integral part of our custom paint system.  These products are designed to produce maximum flow with exceptional gloss in our catalyzed products.

All X-otic Colours Basecoats, Candee Mid Coast, and Jammin Coats require reducer with two important exceptions:  Pearl Imagin’ Basecoats  (colour series prefix number 21), and Mirage Imagin’ Basecoats, (colour series prefix number 20) are not reduced.


Sun-Bloct Final Cleer – 32-100 [C]

This product is used to complete the perfect custom project.  Our Sun-Bloct Final Cleer is formulated with premium acrylic urethane resins. Sun-Bloct Final Cleer is easy to wet sand and buff.  When used with our Reducers, this product is “user friendly” with excellent flow and leveling characteristics. Our Sun-Bloct Final Cleer will produce a high-gloss finish that is resilient and chip resistant.  The finish provides incredible tensile strength and will also be resistant to damage or intrusion from chemical sources.  Curing will require 16 to 24 hours at 70ºF.

Production Cleer – 32-200 [C]

This product is a faster drying urethane cleer.  It is used to promote distinction of image, D.O.I., and for rapid film building.  If Production Cleer is used as a final cleer, the finish will require more time to buff and shine.  This product has the advantage of speed.  Production Cleer will cure faster than our Sun-Bloct Final Cleer.  Production Cleer requires eight hours of curing at a temperature of 70ºF before wet sanding.  Production Cleer may also be force cured at 140°F for 45 to 60 minutes.  This is a multifunction product that is also used as an Untinted Neutral Base for our Candee Mid-Coats.

Urethane Catalyst – 40-100

This product is required for both the Sun Bloct-Final Cleer and Production Cleer.

Protective/ Bonding/ & Jammin’ Cleer – 34-200 [2]

This product is used to protect basecoats from tape marks when artwork or graphics are to be applied. This product is also used as a bonding coat that promotes adhesion.  When any coat in a series of applications will not be completed within its recoat window, typically one hour or less, specific steps must be taken before the recoat window has passed.  The Product Application Directions Booklet informs the customer how to use our Protective/Bonding/ & Jammin’ Cleer in these situations.

This product can be tinted for use as a Jammin’ Cleer or Jammin’ Coat to match Candee Mid-Coats for use within trunks and under hoods, and in jamm’s.  Jammin’ Coats will dry to a semi-gloss finish. See our Product Application Directions Booklet for instructions on how to achieve a high gloss finish.  Protective/ Bonding/ & Jammin’ Cleer should never be used as an exterior final cleer.

Note:  X-otic Colours Cleers are tintable.  A toner could be added to our Sun-Bloct Final Cleer.  This will intensify the depth of colour of an underlying Basecoat or Solid Colour.

For convenience, Production Cleer and Sun Bloct-Final Cleer are filled to 23 and 24 ounces respectively in a 32 oz. quart container. This allows room for the direct addition of catalyst and optional tints.  Our catalyst is sold in an 8 oz container and is mixed directly into the quart can.  The addition of catalyst to the 23 oz. quart of Production Cleer produces a slightly over-catalyzed product for faster curing.  The addition of catalyst to the 24 oz. quart of Sun-Bloct Final Cleer maintains our 3 to 1 mixing ratio.  The ability to directly add our 8 oz. catalyst container into either product’s quart container reduces common mixing errors.

 (Not Contained in this Product Information Guide)

Product Application Directions Booklet 1- PADB
Table of Contents – Product Application Directions Booklet 1-PAD
Planning Overview of a Custom Painting Project 1-PO
Planning Steps for a Custom Painting Project 1-PS
Required Environment & Materials for a Custom Painting Project 1-REM
Estimated Product Usage Based on Object Size 1-EPU
Project Preparation Directions 2-PPD
Primer Coat Application Directions
(Includes Product Numbers: 01-100,  01-200,  01-300)
All Basecoats & Candee Mid-Coat & Jammin’ Coat Application Directions
(Includes Colour Series/ Product Pre-Fix Numbers:  08, 76, 77, 79, 21, 14, 20, 05, 24, 07 and Product Number 08-100)
Protective/ Bonding/ & Jammin’ Coat Application Directions
(Includes Graphic/Artwork Application Directions)
(Product Number 34-200)
Sun Bloct Final Cleer Coat Application Directions
(Product Number 32-100)  &
Production Cleer Coat Application Directions
(Product Number 32-200)

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[1]   This is a multi-function product, also used as a Protective/ Bonding/ Jammin’ Cleer
(C) Requires urethane Catalyst product number 40-100.
[2]   This is a multi-function product, also used as or Jammin’ Untinted Neutral Base.