Your safety is of the utmost concern to us!

Spray painting can be dangerous without proper protection and ventilation. Your local jobber will make equipment recommendations to insure your safety. Also refer to important safety directions in this booklet, product labels, Material Safety Data Sheets, and your local Hazardous Air-Pollutant & Disposal Guidelines.

This Product Application Directions Booklet provides a brief overview of the custom painting project and contains important product application directions that are essential to successful outcomes.

The Product Application Directions Booklet, although detailed, will simplify the process of applying X-otic Colours Custom Painting Products.

Important Note:  Before commencing your project and product applications — carefully read our overview of the custom painting project along with the product application directions contained in this booklet!

This important booklet is made available to you without charge upon purchase of X-otic Colours Inc. Custom Painting Products.

Thank you for selecting X-otic Colours Custom Paint Products