Section A – Untinted Neutral Base Products



(Untinted Neutral Bases Used to Produce All Product Lines or Colour Series in Section B)

(Generally Not Sold to End Users)

Metallic Untinted Neutral Base


Pearl Untinted Neutral Base


Imagin’ Untinted Neutral Base


Solid Colour Untinted Neutral Base


Candee Mid-Coat Untinted Neutral Base [1] [C]


Jammin’ Untinted Neutral Base [2]


[1] This is a multi-function product used as our Production Cleer and Candee Mid-Coat Untinted Neutral Base. Both products use the same product number 32-200.
[C] Requires urethane Catalyst product number 40-100.
[2] This is a multi-function product.  It is also used as our Protective/Bonding/Jammin’ Cleer with the same product number 34-200. 

Product Lines or Colour Series produced by tinting these neutral base products

The X-otic Colours Custom Paint System is centered on our six Untinted Neutral Base products.  See Table of Contents – Section A.

The addition of toners, tint pastes, and dry pearls completes the tinting transformation of X-otic Colours six Untinted Neutral Base products into our eight product lines of Basecoats, our product line of Candee Mid-Coats, and our product line of Jammin’ Coats.  See Table of Contents – Section B.  Simple tinting directions are provided in our formula book.

When these same Untinted Neutral Bases are used in conjunction with X-otic Colours unique Custom Design and Styling Book, an infinite variety of colour can be produced. X-otic Colours does not use a typical factory color card. Custom painters, working with X-otic Colours unique Custom Design and Styling Book, can create an infinite spectrum of colour. These craftsmen are no longer limited to stock factory colors.  Mutual compatibility of our six neutral base products with our toners, tint pastes, and dry pearls create an endless array of new colour options.  Incredible colour selections with new creative opportunities are now available. The limited inventory required to make this infinite variety of custom paint products is a tremendous asset to the distribution system.

Our Untinted Neutral Base products are manufactured to the highest standards under strict quality control. The neutral base products of X-otic Colours are noted for their acceptance and compatibility with our toners, tint pastes, and pearls. X-otic Colours Neutral Base Products have been formulated to produce excellent merging between coats along with superior coverage.

Due to our expertise in manufacturing and formulating, our Basecoats provide superior coverage with minimal film build. Minimal film build is significant when artwork or graphics are to be applied. When artistic tape outs are removed, the resulting low edges will require fewer topcoat applications, saving both time and money.

Our Basecoats, along with all other coatings in the X-otic Colours Custom Painting System, are U.V. protected.  Other manufacturers are not providing this level of protection.

Product Numbering System

All products in the X-otic Colours Custom Paint System including our Untinted Neutral Base products use a five-digit number.  There are many colours in each Basecoat, Candee Mid-Coat, or Jammin’ Coat product line or colour series.  Therefore, we have only provided the product pre-fix number.  The product pre-fix number is the first two digits and will identify a complete product line or colour series.  Any five-digit colour number also uses the same five digit formula number within our formula book.

Note:   With two exceptions, our Basecoats, Candee Mid-Coats, and Jammin’ Coats require X-otic Colours reducers.  Pearl Imagin’ Basecoats colour series prefix number 21 and Mirage Imagin’ Basecoats, colour series prefix number 20 are not reduced.

Note:  Candee Mid-Coats require urethane Catalyst, product number 40-100.  Do not use urethane Catalyst in any of our Basecoats.

Note:  X-otic Colours produces only one “factory-pak” Basecoat — Sparklee Silver Metallic Basecoat product number 08-100.  This “factory pak” Basecoat carries a higher concentration of aluminum and is most often used when a Candee Mid-Coat is applied directly over a Silver Metallic Basecoat.