of the Custom Painting Project


It is our goal to make using our products a positive experience for either the seasoned professional or novice who is just beginning to learn the art and craftsmanship of custom painting.

Regardless of your level of experience, we urge you to read our Product Application Directions Booklet thoroughly before ever opening a can of paint! 

Custom painting is not designed for the painter who wants to prime coat in the morning and topcoat in the afternoon. The old adage, “one size fits all”, does not apply to custom painting and X-otic Colours Custom Paints.  Careful reading of the Product Application Directions will help assure proven results.

X-otic Colours Custom Paint System employs a multiple coat system. Each coat and product in this integrated system has a specific function.  These products, when used as directed, yield proven results and successful outcomes.

X-otic Colours Custom Paint System has been formulated to provide maximum merging and adhesion of coats. Merging occurs through the application of successive coats within specified re-coat windows. These re-coat windows are often less than 15 minutes. Therefore, planning your time is crucial. When any coat in a series of applications will not be completed within its re-coat window, specific steps must be taken before the re-coat window has passed. When re-coat windows or the application sequence will be interrupted, the Product Application Directions provide specific steps to insure adhesion of the next coat or following application.

It is important you understand when, where, and how to use X-otic Colours line of custom painting products. You will obtain this information through the careful reading of the Product Application Directions.

The scope of the project will determine the products you need. The size of the project will determine the quantities. (See 
Section 1-EPU, Estimated Product Usage Guide Based on Object Size) . The Product Application Directions will answer your when, where, and how questions.

To plan the steps required for your custom painting project, consider your answers to the following questions:

1.       How much preparation is required? The condition of the object and condition of the existing finish will determine how much preparation is required. This will also be your indicator of the preparation materials you will need prior to application of primer coats, i.e. abrasives, fillers, glazes, and strippers.

2.       What is the composition of the object? The composition of the object, (steel, fiberglass, aluminum, etc.) will determine preparation methods.

3.       What is the complexity of the project? This could range from a simple project involving Epoxee Primer Coats, Basecoats, Sun-Bloct Final Cleer Coats to a complex “show quality” project involving Epoxee Primer Coats, Basecoats, Jammin’ Coats, Art Work or Graphics, Candee Mid-Coats, Production Cleer Coats, Sun-Bloct Cleer Coats, Sun-Bloct Final Cleer Coats, Colour Sanding each of these Cleer Coats, and Polishing.

4.       What is the Basecoat color you have selected?  Basecoat colour will determine which of our primer colours you will be using. The entire object being painted must be primed with one uniform primer colour. Your jobber can assist with the correct primer selection.  Our Epoxee Primers do not require the application of a sealer prior to Basecoat applications. This will save you both time and money.