This Product Information Guide was designed to provide an informational overview of our products.  It can be used in conjunction with the X-otic Colours Product Application Directions Booklet, the X-otic Colours Custom Design and Styling Book, the X-otic Colours Formula Book, and our product price lists.

X-otic Colours breakthrough in the custom paint industry was the development of a new tinting system for custom paint that allowed for an infinite variety of colour to be created, formulated, and produced.

Another breakthrough followed – the invention of a unique Custom Design and Styling Book. The book contains Candee coloured transparencies that are placed over a light, medium, or dark shade of a wide selection of illustrated basecoat colours.  The Custom Design and Styling Book predicts colour outcomes prior to mixing.  Endless colour combinations can now be viewed and then created.

The X-otic Colours Custom Paint System also solves problems. Custom painters frequently found the color they chose was not immediately available.  In some cases, even a warehouse distributor did not have the required color. The painter could be required to wait until additional paint was manufactured.  This was unsatisfactory.  This problem occurred because jobbers or warehouse distributors needed to have extensive and costly inventories for the myriad of available colors, some of which were rarely sold. With the X-otic Colours Custom Paint System, all colour series are produced on demand from just six Untinted Neutral Bases.  Our system solves problems for the customer, the jobber, and the warehouse distributor.

The development and design of the X-otic Colours Custom Paint System is centered on six Untinted Neutral Bases. Only six Untinted Neutral Base products are transformed by the addition of tint pastes, toners, and pearls into eight complete lines of Basecoats, a complete line of Candee Mid-Coats, and a complete line of Jammin’ Coats!

The six neutral base products are mutually compatible with all of our toners, tint pastes, and pearls.  This compatibility leads to unlimited colour possibilities within the X-otic Colours Custom Paint System.   As an alternative to creating new colour, we illustrate over 300 brilliant colours.   Easy to understand formulas are provided for these 300 colours.

The X-otic Colours product line includes our Epoxee Primers, six Untinted Neutral Bases, Reducers, and our Production and Sun-Bloct Final Cleer. Tinting is accomplished with our line of toners, tint pastes, and dry pearls.