Many of the finest custom painting artists and craftsmen assure us that proper planning is the foundation of their success. These artisans, with their product knowledge and high levels of craftsmanship, refined through years of work, still plan each project. They plan their time and the sequence of applications starting with the primer.

1.  Plan your overall project.

2.  Carefully read this Product Application Directions Booklet and specific Product Application Directions that pertain to your project and product applications. Resolve any unanswered questions before starting your project.  We suggest reading the entire booklet.

3.  Determine the required quantities of products needed to complete all applications. Refer to Section 
1-EPU, Estimated Usage Guide Based on Object Size. Having adequate supplies and products is better than running out of paint in the middle of an application.

Note:  Check each product to determine if X-otic Colours Urethane Catalyst is required, product number 40-100.

 Obtain X-otic Colours reducers appropriate for your shop temperature. Obtain sufficient quantities of reducers based on the quantities of paint to be purchased.

50-111 Fast Reducer 65° – 75° F
50-222 Medium Reducer 75° – 85° F
50-333 Slow Reducer 85° – 95° F
50-444 V.O.C. Exempt 65° – 95° F

Note:  We suggest you have X-otic Colours Protective/ Bonding/ & Jammin’ Cleer product number 34-200 on hand in the event of unforeseen or planned interruption in the application of basecoats or artistic work sequence.  This product requires (fast) Urethane Reducer product number 50-111.

4.   Prepare the object for primer. See Project Preparation Directions, Section 2-PPD.  See your local jobber to obtain quality preparation materials.

5.   Plan your application sequences. Pay close attention to the “re-coat window” for each product.  We recommend you plan your time so that all basecoats and topcoats may be applied without interruption. However, if there is an unforeseen interruption or planned interruption, specific steps must be taken before the expiration of the products re-coat window as discussed in the Product Application Directions contained in this booklet.

6.   Prime and prepare for basecoats.

Note: Primary Basecoat Color will determine primer color. The entire object must be primed one uniform colour. See Primer Coat Applications Directions, Section 3-PCD.

7.      Additional products will be required if artwork or graphics are planned.  A simple bleeding test should also be performed. Before commencing these applications refer to Protective/ Bonding/ & Jammin’ Cleer Product Application Directions, Section 5-PBJD.