I received the samples of the striping paint you sent me, They are what I`ve been looking for, as the benefits of the best coverage, flow, leveling, gloss & fast set up & drying time as well as the squeeze bottles that save so much time, easy clean up to name a few, I appreciate the confidence that You have with your products, from the samples I received as what I was looking for the best products that require my future works of fine art. 

Other companies have put me on the “back burner” with my previous problems with thier products, so it was time to find products that are needed for my precise works of art as well as the help I am receiving.

We just made a 13 color “kandy base” order for up-coming custom paint work, as well as I am looking forward to other products that will be ordered soon to line my shelves & to make my work stand out from the everyday so called custom paint that is seen at shows & on the street.